New York Themed Shooter Sandwich for Super Bowl 48

Super Bowl 48 was yesterday and the entire country is still full. It’s almost as good as Easter, Thanksgiving or even Christmas Eve (my personal favorite). The OMG crew is currently compiling a list of all of the amazing food that was cooked over the weekend for a massive recap post. In the meantime, we wanted to share a really unique Shooter Sandwich  that was created by TheGreenShepard on Reddit. He created not only a Sandwich Shooter, but themed the ingredients for NY/ NJ Italians. Check out his photo recap below.


A 4.5lb Stuffed Sandwich? See what the “Shooter Sandwich” is all about

If you are a frequent visitor to Reddit like I am, at one point or another you may have ran into this little cooking project called the Shooter Sandwich. A genius, somewhere thought to take a massive piece of bread, cut a hole in it, gut it and stuff it with everything amazing like filet mignon, bacon, cheese and anything else you could dream of. hosting information server information Last Saturday I caved and finally made one for myself. After a few bloody marys and a $75 dollar trip to the neighborhood Key Foods I was ready for action.

The final product


So, what did you think? Was this enough to convince you to make your own? Let me know in the comments.